Formacar Action


12. Roadmap


1Q 2020
  • Formulating the idea of the Formacar Metaverse;
  • Shaping the idea of a unique large-scale P2E and F2P crypto game;
2Q 2020
  • Hiring professional UX/UI design specialists;
  • Hiring the best game developers;
  • Start of the development of the Formacar Action game;
3Q 2020
  • Hiring a team of 20 3D modeling specialists;
4Q 2020
  • Start of the development of the Formacar Action app for Play Market and App Store.


1Q-3Q 2021
  • Development and testing the first iteration of Formacar Action
  • Fixing of the initial bugs and making revisions based on exposed flaws
  • Start of the second stage of Formacar Action development
  • Testing of the alpha version of the game.


1Q 2022
  • Preparation for market launch
  • Fine-tuning of the app for App Store
2Q 2022
  • Creating the website
  • Packaging of the Formacar Action project
  • Creating a smart contract for the $FCG utility token
3Q 2022
  • Active development of the project's crypto architecture
  • Seed Round of the $FCG token
  • Game Concept Presentation: Drive2Earn (D2E)
  • Start of the development of a marketing strategy for Formacar Action
  • Development of an alpha version of Formacar Action
4Q 2022
  • Design of NFT collections for the alpha version
  • Creation of smart contracts for NFT collections
  • Audit of $FCG smart contracts
  • Launching sales of NFT collections granting access to the alpha version of Formacar Action
  • Releasing the alpha version of Formacar Action on iOS & Android platforms
  • Conducting Presale rounds through Launchpad and own platform
  • Conducting an active marketing campaign for Formacar Action


1Q 2023
  • Implementation of D2E mechanics in Formacar Action
  • Launch of the Formacar Action beta version on IOS / Android with public access
  • $FCG DEX listing preparation
  • Launch of D2E mechanics in the released game
  • Releasing the final production version of the Formacar Action game
  • Releasing the D2E mechanics
  • $FCG token DEX listing
  • $FCG farming
  • $FCG stacking
  • Formacar Autoverse development launch
  • Formacar Autoverse item presale (land lots, buildings and structures)
  • Listing on top 10 exchanges
  • Final release of the Formacar Autoverse