• Cars can be amended with certain economic characteristics governing variable properties such as: wear-and-tear, experience, fuel economy, crafting, and other game mechanics. This is done by adding tuning components.

  • Each car has its own set of available tuning kits composed of specific tuning parts associated with the car and the kit.

  • To unlock a tuning kit, players must install the required number of tuning blueprints.

  • Not all tuning parts fit a given tuning kit — each part has a predefined compatibility pool.

  • Tuning classification is an in-game system that divides all tuning parts into classes: the higher the class of a tuning part, the better the tuning kit that you can install it on.

All tuning parts are sorted into three classes. The higher the number, the higher the bonuses from applying the part on a car, the better it looks visually and the more junk parts the player gets when disassembling it.

Tuning Classes:

  • Class 1 — base tuning, highlighted in green

  • Class 2 — advanced tuning, highlighted in purple or violet

  • Class 3 — master tuning, highlighted in gold

Ways of Acquiring Tuning Parts

Tuning parts can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Lootboxes. Each lootbox drops N parts. The number and quality of the parts gained is determined by the type of the lootbox.

  • Disassembly. Cars can be disassembled for parts. The number and quality of parts gained depends on the class of the car, what tuning parts it had installed, and how many.

  • Crafting. Players can fuse a certain number of parts into a part of a superior quality.

  • Purchase. The in-game store has a rotating selection of parts on sale.

F2P and Crypto Functions of Tuning Parts

F2P tuning parts are parts accessible to all players. They can be used with F2P cars and are not NFTs, meaning they cannot be traded on the secondary market.

Crypto tuning parts are parts that players must buy for FCG tokens or FCC in-game currency. They can be used with NFT cars and represent NFTs tradeable on the marketplace.

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