CryptoRace Business Model

The revenue structure of Formacar Action is based on several main sources of income ensuring the Project’s profitability:

  1. In-Game Sales.

  2. In-Game Commission Fees.

  3. Native Advertising.

In-Game Sales

Monetization of in-game item sales is categorized depending on the items themselves, their purposes and the functions that they provide to users.

The sale of in-game items and services for the F2P mode is carried out via in-app purchases using the Apple Store and Google Pay payment services.

The sale of in-game items and services for the Crypto mode is carried out in two ways: either using the Apple Store and Google Pay payment services, or by means of exchanging them for external FCG tokens or other Crypto assets.

In-Game Commission Fees

The Project may charge a transaction fee when players participate in certain Formacar Action activities (reselling NFTs, withdrawing NFT and FCG tokens to the mainnet, and using other in-game services). These fees contribute to the platform's revenue stream and help keep the game running and growing.

Fee-based monetization is subdivided into in-game transaction fees and fees for participating in certain gaming tournaments.

Transaction Fees:

  • In-game fees for the resale of in-game items range from 0 to 1.5% of the sale price in FCG tokens. The transaction fee is already included in the final cost of in-game items for the buyer and depends on the quantitative restrictions imposed on the volume of trades;

  • The fee for withdrawing NFTs from the GSC network to the BSC network is the gas fee for the NFT creation transaction as converted to FCC + 15% of the gas fee;

  • The fee for withdrawing FCG tokens to the BSC network will be 2 to 3% in FCG or FCC tokens;

  • The fee for trading NFTs on the external (secondary) market will be 5%;

  • The fee for trading FCG on a DEX will be the commission percentage provided for by the smart contract (0 to 2%).

These fees are indicative and their actual application or non-application will depend on the in-game economic balance. By introducing these fees, we aim to ensure consistent growth and development of our Crypto section while maintaining a fair and transparent approach to monetization and trading on our platform.

Tournament Participation Fees

Some game activities are built around competition between players (tournaments). The reward in such an activity is the amount of in-game Crypto Assets contributed to it by the players. The game receives a fee in the amount of 3 to 10% of the amount of the tournament reward. Tournaments are divided into the following types:

  • 1v1 PvP battles — in PvP battles, users can make contributions using FCG and decide who they want to race with or create their own races.

  • Group PvP battles — races for 3 to 9 players.

  • Large tournaments — series of racing sessions, including team races.

Native Advertising

The Project offers many opportunities for advertising and sponsorship in the game environment. Brands can promote their products and services through in-game advertising and partnerships, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the platform and advertisers.

Income Distribution of the Project

  • Marketing and advertising — 35%.

  • Development and support of the Project — 25%.

  • Investment payouts and dividends — 20%.

  • Gaming rewards, incentive payouts and prizes — 20%.

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