Formacar Group

A true car lover can only truly appreciate and feel the passion that Formacar evokes in drivers. We are set to redefine and challenge the status quo of what's possible in the automotive industry by introducing Formacar. It is the purest expression of who we are.

Brand Vision

To become a leading automotive business in the international IT industry, bridging the technological and business gaps between cars and humanity.

Brand Mission

To implement innovations, stimulate growth and transform the automotive industry by developing products allowing users to interact with each other, learn, drive change and join a global community to shape the automotive future.

Brand Manifesto

We are trailblazers challenging established norms and reinventing the car industry to push humanity into a new era of interacting with automobiles.

Using our many years of technological expertise and deep understanding of the car industry, we are willing to pioneer breakthrough solutions to meet new demands of customers as they appear in the continually developing world.

Our perspective transcends cars as a mere means of transportation. We see them as immersive experiences weaving technology, entertainment and social interaction into an organic whole, becoming an integral part of our lifestyle.

Use this opportunity to embark on this incredible journey with us as we are spearheading a revolution destined to transform the automotive industry as we know it.

Together, we will create a future of unlimited opportunities.

One of the significant advantages of Formacar is its extensive experience in the development of online services powered by state-of-the-art 3D and AR technologies, spanning more than nine years. The global potential of the project is huge as it has no geographical limitations and the company has its eyes set on international expansion.

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