A decal is essentially a sticker, an image of a certain size that players can apply on top of their car’s paint coat however they like. Multiple decals can be applied to any car, but the maximum number is subject to technical limitations.

Each decal is an expendable item that can only be activated once, after which it becomes linked to the Player’s Account.

Decals come in three rarity levels:

  • Common — small in size, simplistic in design and color.

  • Rare — larger, more colorful, beautiful.

  • Unique — decals with special effects like glow, animation or metallic shine.

Ways of Acquiring Decals

Decals can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Loot Boxes. Each loot box yields N decals. The number and quality of the decals gained is determined by the type of the loot box.

  • Purchase. The in-game store has a rotating selection of decals on sale.

  • Daily missions.

FFA and Crypto Functions of Decals

FFA decals are decals that accessible to all players. They can be used with FFA cars and are not NFTs, meaning they cannot be traded on the secondary market.

Crypto decals are decals that players must buy for the FCC in-game currency. They can be used with NFT cars, can be NFTs themselves and can be traded on the secondary market.

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