FormaCarMoney (FCM)

The F2P mechanics of the game provides all players with free access to the in-game content in exchange for their game activities and time spent in-game. For active participation in the game, players are credited with a currency known as FCM, which can be used to purchase FFA in-game items (loot boxes containing cars, tuning parts, tuning blueprints, and fuel), cosmetics (decals, paints, etc.), and any additional content or premium features that players may choose to purchase.

These in-app purchases provide players with enhanced customization options or access to exclusive content. Players can also acquire additional FCM by means of an in-game purchase via the App Store or Google Play.

It is important to note that the FCM currency is being implemented exclusively in the F2P section of the game and has no effect on the GameFi component of the in-game economy.

Internal FCM Token

Token symbol: FCM

Blockchain: Game Swap Chain (GSC)

Utility function:

In-Game Purpose: Rewarding players for their activity in the game.

In-Game Use: Purchasing F2P items and services in the game.

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