Tuning Blueprints

To get various tuning parts for installation in the form of tuning kits, players can use the game’s Crafting system and a tuning blueprint.

A tuning blueprint is an in-game item designed for use in the Crafting mechanic to produce tuning parts according to the following rules:

  • The tuning blueprint produces a tuning part of the same quality as the blueprint itself.

  • The tuning blueprint produces a tuning part of a random type, but compatible with the specific car it is used on.

  • To activate the random tuning part generator, player must assemble an additional tuning kit for the car to be tuned.

  • The tuning blueprint is a single-use item that gets discarded (disappears) after use.

Tuning Blueprint Classification

Tuning blueprints, like the tuning parts themselves, come in different rarity levels. Any given blueprint yields a tuning part within its own rarity level. The higher the blueprint quality, the better the tuning part will be.

Like tuning parts, blueprints are divided into three classes:

  • Class 1 (Base) blueprint is highlighted in green and produces a BaseTuning part

  • Class 2 (Advanced) blueprint is highlighted in purple or violet and produces an AdvancedTuning part

  • Class 3 (Master) blueprint is highlighted in gold and produces a MasterTuning part

Ways of Acquiring Tuning Blueprints

At this point, there is only one way we are considering for obtaining tuning blueprints – through the so-called tuning boxes. Tuning boxes are loot boxes containing exclusively tuning blueprints of various quality.

F2P and Crypto Functions of Tuning Blueprints

F2P tuning blueprints are blueprints accessible to all players. They can be used with F2P cars and are not NFTs, meaning they cannot be traded on the secondary market.

Crypto tuning blueprints are blueprints that players must buy for the FCC in-game currency. They can be used with NFT cars, but are not NFTs themselves and cannot be traded on the secondary market.

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