FormaCarGame Token (FCG)

FCG is an in-game token which forms the basis of a tokenomics and on which all Formacar Crypto game projects will be based. As to its utility, the FCG represents the link between the DEX and CEX exchanges and the in-game Crypto Assets used by the GameFi component of the game. The FCG can be either external (coined on the BSC network) or internal (coined on the GSC network).

To make use of various Utility functions, the Project provides for multiple exchange mechanisms between external and internal tokens.

External FCG Token

Token name: FormaCarGame.

Token symbol: FCG.

Blockchain: BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

Utility Function:

Participation in Presale Rounds: FCG provision obligations are used to attract funds for the development of the project. After the acquisition, participants can use FCG obligations in accordance with their utility functions for various in-game purposes in accordance with Smart Contract terms.

Placing on DEX and CEX: Decentralized and Centralized Crypto Exchanges are viewed as the main source of FCG acquisition by players.

In-Game Use: The external FCG token is intended for the acquisition of the internal FCG token and the subsequent reverse exchange if desired by the player.

Internal FCG Token

Token symbol: FCG

Blockchain: Game Swap Chain (GSC)

This token is being created as a mirror copy of the external token intended for use in the in-game crypto architecture based on GSC blockchain.

Utility Function

In-Game Purpose: The internal FCG token is intended for the acquisition of the in-game FCC currency and the subsequent reverse exchange into external FCG tokens if desired by the player.

In-Game Use: In the Formacar Action game, players can buy and sell in-game tokens (NFTs) on the marketplace by using FCG. These NFTs encompass a wide variety of items such as cars, tuning parts, and so on.

Game Reward: for participating in certain in-game activities, players can receive internal FCG tokens as a reward.

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