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Formacar Autoverse is a unique virtual open world of car racing where players can create, own and monetize different kinds of assets such as vehicles, land plots, racetracks, showrooms, gas/charging stations, bars, and service stations.

The Formacar Autoverse stands out thanks to its meticulously detailed layout with strategically placed infrastructure objects and free land plots. It is a metaverse like no other that lets players explore it, interact with other players and take part in various tournaments and championships.

As Autoverse keeps gaining popularity, placing ads on in-game billboards, buildings, structures, stadiums, vehicles and other objects will become increasingly important. Players can buy, sell and rent land plots, buildings and infrastructure and potentially generate income from them along with Formacar Action.

This opens up a completely new dimension of the game, allowing players to become entrepreneurs and real estate owners in a virtual universe. It also opens up new opportunities for advertisers to draw in audiences from the Formacar Autoverse. On the whole, it adds to the players’ sensations of thrill and involvement, making the game even more exciting and at the same time lucrative for players

One of the most interesting aspects of the Formacar Autoverse is that players can root for specific contenders, place bets and watch tournaments and championships in real time. Players who own cars can drive them in the Formacar Autoverse to their heart’s content, creating an immersive experience in which they find themselves in the driver’s seat.

The Formacar Autoverse offers various income opportunities for owners of certain buildings, facilities and infrastructure in the virtual world. Below is a list of income sources for each owner type:

  1. Service station owners get a fraction of the revenue from all kinds of expenses on vehicle repair and maintenance.

  2. Gas/charging station owners get a fraction of the revenue from all kinds of expenses on vehicle refueling/recharging.

  3. Owners of racing venues (stadiums) get a fraction of the revenue from all kinds of championships and races on their territory.

  4. Ad agency owners get a fraction of the revenue from all advertisements.

  5. Shared garage owners get a fraction of the revenue from all fees paid by all participants who did not purchase their garage.

  6. Bar owners get a fraction of the revenue whenever new employees, managers or co-drivers are hired.

  7. Service station owners are exempt from royalty fees on shared garages, as well as any service station fees.

These income opportunities incentivize players to invest in owning buildings and infrastructure in the Formacar Autoverse, creating a feeling of ownership and entrepreneurship in a virtual world.

Since the number of land plots, buildings and structures is limited and each object has its own unique set of features, their prices will be steadily rising along with the continued growth of the audience.

Groundbreaking advances that Formacar Action makes in its use of VR, AR and CR technologies make it stand out from the rest of the metaverses and clear the way towards complete market dominance in this field.

Registration in the Autoverse is free. All participants can register freely and learn more about the opportunities the Autoverse provides, as well as buy infrastructure on primary and secondary markets.

More detailed information about this game mode will be available to the users in the respective section once all mechanics and economic models are implemented and finalized.

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