Economy Stabilization

In the course of building its economic model, the Formacar Action Project developed a system of restraining and deflationary mechanics to reduce the risks of inflationary impact caused by an increase in the number of Crypto Assets participating in the economy and the formation of secondary markets among Users. This allows the Project to fine-tune the economy and keep it stable.

Restraining Factors

In relation to the FCG token, the inflation-restraining factor will be the preset cliff and vesting system influencing the total available volume of tokens circulating in the economy.

In relation to NFT, such factors will be certain mechanisms injected in the game mechanics, such as:

  • Depreciation introduces a multiplier for obtaining rewards in NFT car races depending on the number of Crypto races already held. The more such races the car endures, the lower this multiplier becomes. This multiplier can be restored by undergoing maintenance, leveling up the car, or via the trade-in system.

(This multiplier is not applied to PVP races and tournaments where tokens are contributed.)

  • The system of collectibles assumes that when Crypto items are applied to an NFT car, they become an integral part of its collection, but the collection as a whole cannot be sold in full with these Crypto items applied. The player can sell a car only with the outward appearance that it has at the moment of the sale. The rest of the parts will be dismantled, and the user will receive the game equivalent of bonus tickets that they can spend on purchasing loot boxes.

  • The introduction of seasons for cars and tuning parts plays an important role in controlling inflation. The access to game items will be provided depending on the current season, thereby encouraging players to purchase valuable items during this period and avoid selling them out of season.

  • The introduction of a system for depositing Game Tokens on NFT cars, whereupon a part of the reward (from 5 to 10%) is assigned to the NFT car and the release of these tokens for the user occurs when the NFT in question is disassembled (burned).

Deflationary Mechanics

In relation to the FCG token: in order to reduce inflation, the Project implements measures for redistributing the FCG tokens received from players as a fee: up to 10% of the received tokens go to the Gamepool 2 deferred smart contract with a cliff period of 2-3 years.

Thus, excessive FCG tokens will be withdrawn from economic circulation for their subsequent use in the general economic system of the further Formacar Crypto projects.

In relation to NFT, such mechanics will be:

  • Disposability: some NFT items such as tuning parts can only be resold until they are installed on a car. After that, they become attached to it and can no longer be resold on the secondary market.

  • NFT Item Disassembly: players can dismantle NFT items to obtain parts they need to level cars up or bonus tickets that can be spent on purchasing loot boxes.

  • The Trade-In System: by fusing two or three cars or other NFT parts, the Player can get another car with an updated Depreciation multiplier.

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