Spare Parts

Spare parts can be used to improve the technical specifications of any car by raising its level. The higher the level of the car, the higher its specifications and the more expensive spare parts are required to boost its star rating further.

The base level of a car is 1, and the maximum possible level is 5, which is the same for all car classes.

Spare Part Types

  1. Engine parts can affect the Speed attribute of the car. They include filters, pistons and the exhaust system. Upgrading these parts may improve the maximum speed of the car, enabling it to progress faster along the track and gain advantage over other players.

  2. Drivetrain parts also play an essential role in car performance, acceleration in particular. Upgrading the flywheel, the gearbox or the clutch can help the car sprint faster off the line and reach higher speeds in less time.

  3. Brake components can affect the handling of the car, which is critical for cornering. Upgrading wheels, brakes or shocks can improve the overall handling of the car, making it easier to steer during races.

Parts come in four quality levels:

  • Common/basic — green

  • Premium — blue

  • Advanced — purple or violet

  • Master/Masterpiece — gold

Upgrading a сar requires collecting a necessary quantity of same-quality spare parts from all three categories (engine, drivetrain and brake components).

Ways of Acquiring Spare Parts

Spare parts can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Loot Boxes. Each loot box drops N parts. The number and quality of the parts gained is determined by the type of the loot box.

  • Disassembly. Cars can be disassembled for parts. The number and quality of parts gained depends on the class of the car, what tuning parts it had installed, and how many.

  • Crafting. Players can fuse a certain number of parts into a part of a superior quality.

  • Purchase. The in-game store has a rotating selection of parts on sale.

FFA and Crypto Functions of Spare Parts

FFA spare parts are parts accessible to all players. They can be used with FFA cars and are not NFTs, meaning they cannot be traded on the secondary market.

Crypto spare parts are parts that players must buy for the FCC in-game currency. They can be used with NFT cars, but are not NFTs themselves and cannot be traded on the secondary market.

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