Project Description

Formacar Action is a large-scale Free-to-Play entertainment project in the developing GameFi industry built on a principle known as Way-to-Win, permeating the virtual and the real world of car enthusiasts and owners all around the globe.

It is a flagship racing game product developed by Formacar Crypto division with Web2 and Web3 technologies, comprising three complementary sections:

  • CryptoRace is a classic racing sim game featuring unique car racing and tuning mechanics that enable players to participate in events, missions, races and tournaments.

  • Drive-on-Line is a social platform for users who appreciate cars and driving in an open-world environment filled with activities to participate in.

  • AutoVerse is an open virtual realm of car racing complete with its own developed economic system.

All players, from amateurs to diehard car fans, will find something different in the game, from immersive sim experiences to completing shared tasks in the real world and exploring the open-world environment of the game.

Way-to-Win is our principle of interacting with the player. The game allows users to freely explore the features of its environment, hone skills and enjoy the gameplay. If they wish, players can take advantage of the GameFi component, learn how to use the blockchain, and find their own tactics and strategies allowing them to monetize their accumulated experience.

This project is equally interesting to the crypto community, as it has significant growth potential – both through its early access stages and later on, as various crypto mechanics get implemented.

With nine years of experience behind them, the project team guarantees successful implementation of all planned features. It is crucial for us to take our project to a fundamentally new level, to show the community that blockchain games can be executed with great finesse and due attention to detail. To this end, we will be using our cutting-edge know-hows in the field of Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D. High-quality, richly detailed, yet mobile-friendly graphics will enable players to enjoy accessible gameplay without needing a PC.

The game will let every use live their wildest ideas and fantasies:

  1. A wide selection of cars offered in a variety of classes with different technical specifications. Players can upgrade their cars by installing new parts and components, potentially changing such parameters as acceleration, speed, and handling.

  2. Extensive car customization options, including tuning, wheels, decals, and painting, will allow advanced players to elevate their cars above the crowd.

  3. The player’s driving skill level and racing performance affect their rating and driver status.

  4. A variety of racetracks, some of them inspired by real-world locations and others generated from scratch by AI, supply the players with limitless opportunities for gameplay enjoyment.

  5. Planned game modes: Circuit, Sprint, Drift, Freeride, and other racing modes.

  6. Linking a Crypto account to the game’s Smart account will enable users to manage their Crypto assets.

  7. Unlocking GameFi features can be done easily with the help of the appropriate in-game currency and NFTs, no hassle.

  8. Players can participate in marketplace transactions by generating supply and demand for upgraded NFTs.

  9. Acquisition of infrastructure (gas stations, car repair shops, racetracks, etc.).

  10. Players can outsource their racing skills to others for a fee.

  11. Players can organize their own teams and guilds and engage in social communication.

All of the above is just a small fraction of the features that the project can deliver to its user base.

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