NFT Mechanics

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital Crypto asset using blockchain technology.

The Formacar Action Project uses NFT technology with the following purposes:

  1. To keep account of in-game objects: lootboxes, cars, car tuning, parts, tuning blueprints, decals, paints, etc.

  2. To certify NFT ownership for game users.

  3. To enable a range of NFT transactions, both within the Project and between holders outside of the Project network.

  4. To implement economic functions, such as depositing Crypto Assets on NFT items.

As a part of the logic of individual NFTs, the Project may impose a number of restrictions on them, e.g., ban transactions, impose a resale commission fee, add an NFT burning function, etc., depending on the tasks and goals of the Project.

Ownership of certain in-game NFTs provides users with additional features and capabilities compared to F2P objects, including the possibility of forming a secondary market and commodity relations between users. NFTs can be either external (issued on the BSC network) or internal (issued on the GSC network).

For various use of Utility functions, the Project provides exchange mechanisms between external and internal NFTs.

External NFTs

Blockchain: BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

BEP-721 Standard

Created as a reflection of internal NFTs for the possession thereof outside the game environment.

Utility Function

Participation in sales rounds: used during presales and collection sales on external NFT marketplaces.

Secondary market: intended to create a secondary exchange market between Users outside the game environment.

In-game use: intended to be exchanged for internal NFTs and then exchanged back if the player so wishes.

Internal NFTs

Blockchain: Game Swap Chain (GSC)

Utility Function

In-Game Purpose: intended for use in-game processes and unlocking additional functionality. Can be exchanged for external NFTs as long as the game mechanics provide it.

In-Game Use: used as in-game objects within the framework of game mechanics.

Secondary Market: intended to form a secondary exchange market between Users within the game environment using the internal FCG.

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