Formacar Action

Formacar Action

1. Introduction and General Information
Formacar is a global car-themed IT project with a deeply developed proprietary architecture that incorporates a number of B2B and B2C online services.
The goal of the project is to develop an ecosystem that will bring together all kinds of car-related services and make them available to private users and businesses worldwide. The mission of the project is to unite people around the automotive world, to educate audiences, and to provide affordable yet high-quality technologies on goods, services and entertainment markets.
The key advantage of Formacar is eight years of experience developing proprietary online-based services with the implementation of breakthrough 3D and AR technologies. For Formacar, no geographical barriers exist that would prevent it from promoting its goods and services and concluding deals, because the project has every bit of potential needed to evolve to international status. Presently, the project team has developed a complex of software applications and websites, most notably and the Formacar mobile apps for iOS and Android. The latter offer the following features:
The 3D Configurator is a software unit that enables users to get results expressed as audiovisual representations of 3D models (cars and their parts) based on specified parameters. The Formacar 3D Configurator is in a league of its own on the world market offering wide exterior and interior customization opportunities, a lineup of over 1,000 3D models of cars, 200 3D models of tuning parts and over 1,500 3D models of aftermarket wheels from leading international vendors.
Augmented Reality (AR) is a special mode supported by the 3D Configurator that employs a relatively new and actively developing informational technology to visualize 3D models in a real-world environment by projecting these virtual models onto the environment.
The AR implementation in Formacar mobile apps provides users with an opportunity to work with all cars present in the Configurator database, scaling them to fit the environment and studying their exteriors and interiors in superb detail. Users can also drive virtual cars in the real world and even project aftermarket wheels from the 3D model database onto real cars in order to choose which ones to buy.
The News is a section of the app where users can find the hottest news about cars and everything related to them. There are seven thematic sections titled Auto Shows, Concept Cars, Novelties, Reviews, Technologies, Tuning, and Spy Shots. News are being posted on a daily basis, enabling users to stay up to date with the latest and greatest happenings in the automotive industry. Car Parts Catalog enables users to search and select car wheels and tuning components, filtering the results by car brands, aftermarket vendor brands, sizes, production methods involved and other parameters.
The section contains six categories of tuning parts. Each category features its own, unique filter that enables filtering by brand or by car model. Each element page contains a description of the product, a photo and video gallery, and information on which vendor(s) and authorized dealership(s) currently have the product in stock. The database also provides information about more than 1,000 vendor companies and over 13,000 authorized dealerships.
The Social Network section enables Formacar users to interact with each other. All users can find interesting content for themselves and share their own photos and videos via their own news feed or in public or private groups.
The Ads section provides a quick way for users to post and get information about their desired products and services. Users can also conclude deals, such as buying and selling cars or trading tuning and exterior parts, and also enjoy access to various vehicle-related services.