Crypto Architecture

General Information

Formacar Action is a gaming project being developed on Unity engine using Blockchain networks, which are integrated into the project for accounting and GameFi purposes.

The Unity Engine enables the development of high-quality projects for use on mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets).

Blockchain enables the project to implement a decentralized architecture for computing, accounting and storage of gameplay databases, as well as linking the CEX and DEX protocols with a bridge link. This approach provides a more secure data environment for data storage and processing in view of local storage loss and hacking risks.

The project is being developed using two blockchain networks, which enables closing a number of tasks:

  1. Using the existing BNB Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain infrastructure to create Crypto Assets of the Project:

  • The FCG external fungible token.

  • External non-fungible tokens (NFT).

  • Smart contracts for storing and exchanging Crypto Assets, as well as Transaction accounting.

  1. Using our own blockchain network called Game Swap Chain (GSC) developed on the Ethereum network basis with the view of creating the entire underlying crypto architecture of the project:

  • Creation of the FCG internal fungible token.

  • FCC internal fungible token.

  • FCM internal fungible token.

  • Internal non-fungible tokens (NFT).

  • Internal Smart Contracts for storing and exchanging Crypto Assets, as well as Transaction accounting.

The development and infrastructural implementation of the proprietary Ethereum-like blockchain network, Game Swap Chain (GSC), allows the project to:

  • Address the issue of limitations imposed by third-party networks.

  • Ensure the operational stability and speed across the network.

  • Configure the necessary functions and restrictions of the network.

  • Minimize costs and expenses when processing data arrays and transactions within the framework of the project architecture.

  • Fully implement the required internal crypto architecture of the project for processing and storing Crypto Assets and transactions.

This network is fully compatible in structure with all Ethereum-like blockchain networks, while at the same time being a closed network.

The entire internal architecture of the project is built on this network, including the Crypto Assets issued on its basis, which are exclusively intended for fulfilling the internal functions of the project and do not affect the amount or/and functionality of any of the project’s external Crypto Assets.

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