Drive-on-Line Section

Drive-on-Line is a social platform for users who appreciate cars and driving in an open-world virtual environment filled with activities to participate in. This mode connects the player’s smartphone with their real-world car in an urban street environment, creating a unique gaming experience. In it, players can participate in various missions, tournaments and other social events to get awards in the form of FCG and NFTs.

It is an innovative global gaming mode that lets players complete various gaming and social activities and interact with the economy of the project as they participate in real-world driving.

This endows mundane driving with an exciting gaming aspect while encouraging it to be safe and responsible. Overall, Drive-on-Line provides drivers with a fun and rewarding way to interact with their vehicles and the world around them, while earning considerable benefits. The main game loop for players involves purchasing a basic NFT car and getting rewards for completing individual and group challenges, participating in various game modes, completing missions, and earning tokens using leftover fuel.

Later on, players can spend the accumulated resources to upgrade their NFT cars or purchase more desirable vehicles. This mode offers car enthusiasts the opportunity to have fun in the company of their friends, and comes with a wide range of gameplay options designed for beginners and experienced drivers alike. Some of them are discussed below

Once a user purchases an NFTcar, they can select a mode to complete missions in:

  1. Free Ride is a mode for unrestricted driving around a map without a set route or destination. As they go, players can encounter all kinds of bonus boxes, random events, push invitations to races, player gatherings etc. This mode can be used to farm fuel for participation in races.

  2. Race is a challenge for 4–6 players that involves driving from point A to point B down a set route. The destination can be a point of interest in the city, such as a park, a stadium or a shopping mall. Once at their destination, players get a location-specific reward.

  3. Circle is a race for 4 players, each of whom gets an individual goal at the start. It is similar to a circuit race. Players receive a new goal as they complete their current one. Once the final goal is completed, that player’s race is considered finished. Players score points as they successfully complete tasks and as they progress towards them. The winner is the player with the highest score.

  4. Drive to Shop is a casual drive to a pool of stores, gas stations, bars or the like. Further partnership agreements may be concluded. For example, players may be required to scan a QR code off a partner store’s check in order to complete a mission.

  5. Duel (Bet Mode) is a showdown of two players who raise a stake in $FCG in-game tokens as they start their duel and let the winner claim the entire staked amount.

AR Opportunities

We take advantage of the latest in AR technology and use solutions already implemented in our products such as Formacar Action to create a more immersive and interactive gameplay formula for the Drive-on-Line mode. Thanks to the integration of AR into the game, players can use their smartphones to:

  • Open loot boxes and grab rewards in a manner more exciting than just pressing a button.

  • Scan real world objects and QR codes to complete missions and tasks, contributing to the realistic feel of the game.

  • Discover points of interest in the real world and interact with them using their smartphones and AR technology.

These features enrich the gameplay and make it more exciting for users. By introducing the AR tech in the game, we strive to come up with a more interactive and immersive environment for the players to explore and interact with.

Formacar Crypto is committed to complying with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, the company focuses on driving innovation, preventing climate change, preserving land and marine ecosystems, and reducing road fatalities.

To curb the impact of cars on climate change, Formacar uses innovative and safe technological solutions, including the development of its own technological base. In Drive-on-Line mode, players who own electric vehicles and hybrids are eligible for additional bonuses and rewards.

Aside from its efforts to prevent climate change, Formacar Action encourages players to obey speed limits on roads, thus promoting safe driving and reducing road fatalities. These initiatives demonstrate Formacar’s commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible practices in the virtual world and beyond.

More detailed information about this game mode will be available to the users in the respective section once all mechanics and economic models are implemented and finalized.

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