Rewards Methods

The economic model of Formacar Action is calculated and balanced in such a way as to be able to reward players via the GameFi component of the Project without endangering the game’s economy or risking liquidity loss.

To that end, the FCG Crypto Asset is introduced into the gameplay, allowing Users to interact with the in-game economy and external DeFi Products, including DEX and CEX exchanges.

Player Rewards

Game mechanics rewarding players for participation in races are divided into three components:

  1. Rewards for winning certain Crypto races. In them, half of the participants starting from the top have an opportunity to receive FCG as a reward, while the rest receive FCM.

The number of rewards is influenced by the following variables:

  • The place in the race determines the number of crypto-tickets received.

  • Crypto tickets generate a random number of in-game FCG within the set limits.

  • Depreciation of NFT cars applies a multiplier to the reward received.

Only participants using NFT cars can receive FCG rewards. F2P participants receive FCM regardless of the places they take in the race.

  1. Rewards for winning PVP races and tournaments in which NFT cars can participate, and the participation itself is paid for by entry fees in the in-game FCG currency.

  2. Rewards in tournaments organized by the Project and with the participation of sponsors.

In-Game Marketplace

One of the game's key features is that players can upgrade their cars, adding unique parts and visual enhancements to make them special. These modified NFT cars can be listed and sold on the Formacar Marketplace, allowing players to showcase and monetize their work.

The in-game marketplace supports various selling mechanisms such as fixed prices, bidding, auctions and much more, providing players with a variety of transaction options.

In addition to cars, the game mechanics will allow players to put up for sale rare NFT and Crypto items (such as tuning parts, paints, decals, etc.) received from in-game lootboxes or from other players.

The economy of the game is calculated in such a way that the Project distributes only primary (basic) items and parts for upgrades and does not compete with players on the secondary market. The entire secondary market is formed by players and Crypto enthusiasts.

Provision of Services

The game will also include a system of guilds and mercenaries, whereby players can offer their skills as racers, while NFT owners can rent out game items. The parties determine the distribution of winnings, which encourages F2P players to develop their skills and abilities, and NFT owners to purchase and rent out items.

Promotional Events

The game arranges draws and other types of events with valuable prizes and rewards for players. Subscribe to our social media and follow the news.

Remember that the news are first published for the game users. Make sure you install the game and enable push notifications if you want to stay up to date.

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