The Player’s Account (or Game Account) is generated when the User performs registration in the game. Every Game Account has an ID assigned that is linked to the Smart Account and helps keep track of all Player’s in-game actions and events, such as:

  • Account Experience. Shows the user’s level of experience and time spent in the game.

  • Player Progress. Shows the player’s achievements, their level, completed events, unlocked achievements, and more.

  • Storing Items and Objects. Keeps an account of any in-game objects and Game Crypto Assets held by the User.

  • Enables the User to interact with the in-game Crypto Assets (tokens and NFTs), including sale, purchase, and storage.

  • Enables in-game transactions and exchanging in-game tokens for their external counterparts.

The Smart Account is accessible by logging into the app or on the game website using the Web3 Account linked to it.

To deposit or withdraw Crypto Assets, users must link the Public Address of their Crypto Account to the Smart Account as per the instruction.

The game does not store the Private Address of the Player’s Crypto Account linked to the Player’s Account via the created Smart Account.


The User must take independent measures to ensure the security of stored information and access data required for the Player to perform Authorization in the game and carry out Transactions, including: accessing mailboxes used during registration, login and authentication processes, as well as access data to the Private Addresses of the Crypto Accounts used for account connection via Smart Contract.


To improve security, the game provides users with multiple ways of logging into their Game Account. These include in-game authorization, as well as authorization on the game website with additional password-based authentication.

To restore their password, Users can utilize a system of single-use verification codes sent to their registered email address.

Depositing and withdrawal of Crypto Assets can also be done using the Player’s Smart Account. To do so, the Player needs to link the Public Address of their Crypto Account (i.e., Crypto Wallet) to their Game Account.

To confirm transactions or Public Address change, User can turn on an additional authentication system by specifying an additional email address or enabling two-factor authentication.

This adds an extra layer of security to the process of using Crypto Assets.

Smart Accounts and Smart Contracts are managed by a management system consisting of employees and administrators with their own rights and limitations, while some automated functions are performed by nested smart contracts.

The storage of Private Keys for managing Smart Contracts is carried out using a 1024-bit RSA key encryption system. This encryption method adds a layer of protection against unauthorized access to Smart Contracts and ensures the confidentiality of the employees and administrators’ Private Addresses.

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