FormaCarCoin (FCC)

FCC is an in-game token which represents an in-game currency and is used for all in-game payments, as well as the sales of in-game NFTs and Crypto items.

It is important to note that FCCs represent exclusively internal currency (coined on the GSC network) and are not intended for trade on DEX or CEX exchanges. The FCC token is intended exclusively for in-game transactions and does not participate in direct exchanges between players.

There are no volume restrictions on the emission of FCC currency. New tokens can continue to be generated all the time as needed in the in-game environment. This emission model allows us to flexibly support the in-game economy while providing a sufficient supply of tokens to meet the needs of players.

In order to purchase FCC, players must convert their useful FCG tokens using the provided in-game converter. The conversion process involves exchanging FCG for FCC at a dynamic exchange rate set by the developers of the game. The rate is affected by the cost of FCG tokens traded on decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Internal FCC Token

Token symbol: FCC

Blockchain: Game Swap Chain (GSC)

Utility Function:

In-Game Purpose: The primary purpose of this token is to keep the cost of in-game items for users stable and to implement in-game commission fees for secondary market trading, as well as to facilitate withdrawing Crypto Assets to external networks.

In-Game Use: Purchasing NFTs and Crypto items on their primary market.

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