Lootboxes, Marketplace and Store

The game offers a variety of options for purchasing cars and other in-game items. To access these options, players can find specific tabs in the top menu bar, including Lootboxes, Marketplace, and Store.

Please note that each Crypto item is marked with a corresponding tag. If an item does not have a tag, then it belongs to the Free-to-Play category.


There are two types of lootboxes available: Standard and Seasonal ones. The reward pool for the latter is different and varies depending on the current season of the game. As a result, certain content can only be acquired during the active season associated with it.

By purchasing a lootbox for FCM, you will receive Free-to-Play rewards. Similarly, buying a lootbox for FCC will give you rewards from the Crypto item category.

  1. In the upper panel, click on the Lootbox icon to go to the tab

  2. Choose the Standard or Seasonal Lootbox

  1. Make sure that you have enough FCC or FCM currency to purchase a box

  2. Press the button and confirm the purchase

  1. Check out the rewards that dropped from the Lootbox and press PICK UP. After opening the Lootbox, the rewards will be automatically sent to your account.

Standard Lootbox reward pool

  • Cars: Bjurger, Breeze, Godzilla, Sly Fox, Samurai, Fan, Draken, Louis

  • Tuning blueprints

  • Paints

  • Spare parts

Seasonal Lootbox reward pool

  • Cars: Samurai, MLE-X, Bayan, Spider

  • Tuning blueprints

  • Paints

  • Spare parts

Marketplace (Crypto Only)

Players have access to a secondary market within the game, where they can trade cars and tuning details. They can list their Crypto cars for sale or purchase Crypto items they are interested in from other players without leaving the application.

The purchased tuning part can only be used on the car to which it is attached, it cannot be used on any car.


  1. To buy an item, open the tab with the marketplace icon in the upper panel

  1. Select the item you would like and press the price button. A window will open where you can view the details of the vehicle and the installed modifications

  1. Confirm the purchase. After the transaction is completed, the item will be sent to your account, and the purchase amount will be deducted from the balance.


  1. Make sure that the item is not in active use (a car for races or a tuning part installed on the car)

  • If you sell an item linked to a car, then this car is blocked for racing and cannot be sold

  • If you sell a car, then the items linked to the car will be deleted if they were used earlier

  • If you sell a car and you have its tuning details that were opened in excess of the required 14 and were not used, then compensation is given for them

  1. In the marketplace tab, press the LIST ON SALE button and select the category that interests you

  1. Select the item that you want to sell from the list

  1. Specify the time that the item will be available for sale on the marketplace, as well as its price. The commission fee charged to the buyer will be included in the specified amount.

  1. Make sure that the item is up for sale and displayed in the main window of the marketplace. You can cancel the sale of an item by pushing the button to the left of LIST ON SALE and selecting the lot you want to cancel.

Store (F2P and Crypto)

By opening the fourth tab on the top panel, you can access the in-game store. Here, you can purchase starter cars, upgrade parts, and paints. The product amount is limited and updated every 24 hours.

Free-to-Play items can only be used for F2P cars, Crypto items can only be used for Crypto cars.

Great! You have now familiarized yourself with the basics of buying and selling items, and are now ready to study the following materials.

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