Upgrade, Tuning and Customization

The main attraction of the game is car customization, so each player has the opportunity to create their dream garage. By clicking on the Garage tab and selecting a particular car, you will see a window with all the features for interacting with the vehicle.


The first mechanics on this tab affect the technical characteristics of the car. By upgrading the car, its level (up to 5) and performance (speed, acceleration, handling) can be increased.

  1. To level up, you need to collect all the missing parts for each engine, transmission and suspension of the car. Once you have collected all the items, click on the part you want to see the progress for

  1. You can obtain spare parts from lootboxes or purchase them in the store. Once you have collected all the necessary parts, click on the icons to confirm installation

  2. After the engine, transmission, and suspension have all been equipped with spare parts, the vehicle can be upgraded to a new level.

Car Maintenance

When cars are used in races, they become more and more worn down. If the car's indicator reaches 0, it can no longer be used in races and must be repaired. The cost of maintaining the car will depend on how badly it is damaged.

The technical condition of a car can affect the chances of receiving awards after races. If a car is in poor condition, the rewards will likely be lower.


A system for exchanging old cars for a new one in better technical condition. By completing the transaction, two cars are destroyed permanently for the exchange, and the player receives the new car as their property. There is no trade-in fee.

  • Only cars of the same category can be exchanged (two Crypto cars or two F2P ones)

  • Only cars with technical condition of <100 can be exchanged

  • The car selected for the race cannot be used for exchange

  • When exchanging a car that has tuning details that were opened in excess of the 14 mandatory ones in the tuning kit that were not used, then compensation is given for them

  • As a result of the trade, the player will receive a car with an average star rating based on the two cars given (eg. 1* + 3* cars will give a 2* car)


This is the process of customizing a car through the installation of various parts or complete tuning kits. Tuning doesn't alter the characteristics of the car, but it is used for aesthetic changes only.

Each car is equipped with its own special tuning kits. Racers can not only install whole kits, but they can also select individual parts. Therefore, for two players with the same model of car, their visual appearance may be completely different.

Crypto tuning blueprints can only be obtained from lootboxes or by purchasing them on the marketplace. F2P tuning blueprints can be obtained from lootboxes or daily rewards.

  1. To unlock the tuning kit, select a package that you are interested in

  1. Press TUNING BLUEPRINTS in the upper right corner

  1. You will need to have 14 tuning blueprints in order to unlock it. Please make sure that you have the correct number of blueprints and unlock the kit by clicking on CREATE

  1. After the required number of details have been unlocked, the kit will become available. Please note that this is not a limitation on the set, and you can continue to unlock new details, thereby increasing your options for customizing your car

  2. In order to make changes to the vehicle, select the components of the machine that you want to alter and replace them with those that are listed in the options.


The name says it all — use paints to transform the look of your car. There are three rarities of paint: Common, Rare, and Unique. Each has its own unique style, from matte to gloss to carbon and more.

You also have the option to use the mix function, which lets you create one of the three colors with the same rarity level or higher. The exact color of the resulting paint is random.

Varieties of combinations:

  • 3 Common paints — Rare

  • 3 Rare paints — Unique

  • 3 Unique paints — Unique

  • 1 Common + 1 Rare + 1 Unique = 1 Common


Another feature for customizing your super cars is decals. These are transfer images that are applied to the body of the car model. In the game, there are 13 different categories of decals, and more than 1,000 unique pieces are available. All decals are free and can be applied to existing cars (up to 50 per car). This allows players to customize their cars in a variety of ways and create a unique look.

Now you know all about the mechanics behind the Formacar Action garage, and you can always consult this article for guidance on following the instructions. Next, let's move on to the next topic!

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