Tokens. How to exchange FCG

There are three types of currency in the game: FCM, FCC, and FCG. You can read more about each of these currencies in the Whitepaper.

In order to begin interacting with the Crypto aspect of the game, the player will need to purchase their first Crypto car. To do so, they will need FCC currency. It can be obtained by converting FCG tokens, which are previously purchased on the SWAP platform.

Attention! In the game you can find the way to purchase FCG tokens through the Play Store. The price there is higher! On our SWAP platform price for 1 FCG is $0,05 so we recommend using it.

  1. Go to, open SWAP page and enter your game account's Email address in the designated field. Check your Email and confirm the authorization by entering the code.

  1. In the new page, familiarize yourself with the interface and then click the CONNECT WALLET button to choose one of 390 available wallets.

If your wallet is not connecting to the BNB network, make sure that the wallet account is on this network and import the USDT token in the list.

For example, in the Metamask application, you can do this by clicking on the Import Tokens button and entering the smart contract address: 0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955

  1. Confirm the connection process and then go to your profile by clicking on the corresponding icon in the top right corner and then click Set Owner Wallet.

In the new page, push the SET OWNER button to get it linked with your game account. Then, press the CONNECT WALLET button, read and sign User Agreement if you agree with it and ready to confirm the operation.

This system performs security balance functions for the owner of the gaming account in terms of deposits and withdrawals. Thus, providing protection against unauthorized access and asset management solely by the owner.

  1. In the main menu, enter the desired FCG amount for the purchase in the lower field. Click the APPROVE USDT button, confirm the transaction in your wallet and then click DEPOSIT, confirming the transaction again.

Great! Within a short time, the balance will be updated and topped up with the amount of FCG that you purchased. The transaction history is displayed in the corresponding window.

When you have FCG then it's available to purchase your first supercar in the store or try to obtain it by opening a lootbox! This completes the materials for getting familiar with the game's mechanics. Welcome to the universe of Formacar Action!

  • You can learn more about the project and game in the Whitepaper

  • Contact the project support if any questions in Telegram or on Discord

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