Formacar Action

Formacar Action Game Project Description

2. Game Project Description
Formacar Action is a large-scale game project born in the trending GameFi industry, which brings together two mutually reinforcing principles called Play-To-Earn and Drive-To-Earn. These principles enable gamers and real car owners alike to immerse themselves into an artificially created automotive universe intermingled with a real-life experience of geolocation-based driving. In this universe, users can complete events, missions, form communities and forge social bonds by participating in races and other competitions, collecting and upgrading NFTs, and gaining prizes and tokens.
The project will be every bit as interesting to the crypto community as it will be to gamers, because it possesses considerable growth potential both at the initial launch stages and at the later stages as various crypto mechanics continue to be implemented. A team of experienced professionals ensures that the entire project can be implemented in strict accordance with the plan. It is essential to us to bring our crypto project to an entire new level and to demonstrate to the community at large that blockchain-based games can be developed with high quality and due attention to detail in mind. To this end, we intend to use our cutting-edge technological advancements in AR and 3D and ensure that the high-quality and detailed graphics of the game is adapted to the requirements of mobile devices, making it available to enjoy for users without a PC at hand.
The project will be built on the underpinnings of the current BSC Blockchain, which will enable us to implement its entire crypto-architecture aspect and later evolve it into a full-fledged automotive universe. The existing audiences of Formacar services will provide a substantial boost to the project. As of 2022, the Formacar app has surpassed 3,500,000 Play Market and App Store downloads. Its active audience exceeds 350,000 monthly users, which undoubtedly presents an advantage for launching and developing a new gaming branch.
The diverse gameplay of the game is based on principles known as Play-To-Earn and Drive-To-Earn and incorporates all kinds of game modes both for virtual racing enthusiasts (practice runs, drifting, freeride etc.) based on original locations and racetracks and for real car drivers based on geolocation technology (completion of daily and random missions, completion of set routes, searching for treasure, and co-op missions with other players). Users will be free to pick the game mode they feel more comfortable with.
The game will enable all users to realize their wildest fantasies and ideas thanks to:
- a great diversity of available cars in various classes and with carious specifications, complete with the opportunity to upgrade their level by installing new units and components and thus potentially altering such parameters as speed, acceleration, braking and handling;
- vast customization opportunities for owned cars (wheels, tuning, decals, customizable materials and finishes, memes, and a host of custom full-body graphics); - the player’s driving skill level and their racing results will affect their ranking and driver’s status;
- completion of different tasks and participation in multiplayer events will enable players to earn new rewards and tokens, as well as level up existing ones. Linking the player’s account to a wallet to allow crypto asset management unlocks the following opportunities: - to interact with the in-game token and NFTs; - to buy and sell NFTs; - to participate in NFT auctions; - to participate in prize draws and competitions within the community. The following opportunities are scheduled for implementation in the automotive universe currently under development: - buying popular cars and infrastructure objects (gas stations, maintenance stations, racetracks etc.); - outsourcing your racing skills to other players in return for rewards; - establishing your own teams and guilds; - social interaction. All of the above barely scratches the surface of what the project can contribute to its community.
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