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11. Formacar Autoverse The term “metaverse” has exploded in popularity over the past few years, finding frequent mentions in the context of such games as Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing, as well as in conjunction with AR and VR technologies.
The Formacar Autoverse is a metaverse, a virtual world where players can create, own and monetize their assets, including cars, land plots, garages, racing venues, car dealerships, gas stations, real estate agencies, bars, ad agencies, service stations and other buildings and facilities, as well as their game experience using NFTs and the FormacarGame Token. The Token is the main economic unit adopted by the Formacar Action Game Platform.
The Formacar Autoverse is a painstakingly detailed and elaborate general layout of the area complete with appropriately placed infrastructure and vacant land plots. It is a unique metaverse that any player can roam in, spot other players and interact with them. The most important is that players can watch tournaments and championships held by other participants with their own eyes. They can root for specific participants and make bets. Players with cars can drive them all around the Formacar Autoverse at leisure.
Adding to the sense of realism is a built-in chat where participants can talk to each other, resulting in tighter social interactions between the players.
As the Autoverse reaches a certain level of popularity, a matter of ad placement on in-game billboards, buildings, structures, stadiums, vehicles and other objects will come to the foreground. Players will be able to buy and to sell land plots, buildings and objects, to rent them and to earn together with Formacar Action.
There is an income table for owners of certain buildings, structures and infrastructure objects below: - Service station owners get a fraction of the revenue from all kinds of expenses on vehicle repair and maintenance; - Gas station owners get a fraction of the revenue from all kinds of expenses on vehicle refueling/recharging; - Owners of racing venues (stadiums) get a fraction of the revenue from all kinds of championships and races; - Ad agency owners get a fraction of the revenue from all kinds of advertisements; - Shared garage owners get a fraction of the revenue from all rewards of all participants who did not purchase their own garage; - Bar owners get a fraction of the revenue whenever new employees, managers, co-drivers etc. are hired; - Service station owners are exempt from shared garage royalty fees and any service station fees;
The FormacarGame Token is an in-game asset used in the Metaverse.
Since the number of land plots, buildings and structures is limited and each object has its own unique set of features, their prices will steadily rise as the audience rises.
Groundbreaking advances that Formacar Action makes in its use of VR, AR and CR technologies make it stand out from the rest of the metaverses and greenlight its way to dominance in its market segment.
Registration in the Autoverse is free. All participants can register at will and learn more about the opportunities the Autoverse provides as well as buy infrastructure objects on primary and secondary markets.