Formacar Action

Game Process Tokenization

Examples of Gaming NFTs
7. Game Process Tokenization Every car is an NFT of the BEP 721 standard, which can be leveled, developed, appreciated and used to earn profit. Ultimately, it can be sold for a substantially higher price.
Every car part or exterior part purchased is an NFT, and it contributes towards the NFT value of the car itself.
Each team member is an NFT and can be leveled, developed, appreciated, improved for higher odds of taking medal places and, ultimately, sold for a substantially higher price.
Every infrastructure object of the Formacar Autoverse is an NFT that you can develop, appreciate, rent, earn on, and sell for a higher price.
All expenses, incomes and rewards of Autoverse participants are secured by the FormacarGame Utility Token ($FCG).
All ownership rights for infrastructure objects, vehicles, vehicle parts and team members are reflected in the blockchain