Formacar Action

The Meta Game

6. The Metagame The metagame consists of several aspects that determine the outcomes: - player’s experience and progress; - player’s car collection; - aesthetic and mechanical tuning; - storage; - challenges.
Player’s experience and progression: An experience scale is used here with levels under the individual names. Every completed race rewards player with a certain amount of experience and other rewards.
Car Collection - Private collection, or the player’s garage, is a UI section containing all vehicles available in the game, whether purchased by the player or not. - Players can have any number of cars of any given model including cars from Marketplace purchases. - The Marketplace also enables players to purchase car tuning components.
Tuning parts are unique for every car: There are several ways for players to obtain various tuning parts: - To find/loot from loot boxes; - To win the events, daily tasks or competitions.
Storage: If a player buys a tuning part for a car they do not own, the part is moved to a special storage (accessed through a dedicated button) and stays there until the player sells it or buys a compatible car.
Challenges: A list of tasks of various difficulty that introduces variety to the game and adds new challenges for the player to overcome and win exclusive prizes.