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In-game FCC token

8.1 The FCC in-game token
As part of the in-game process, a token called FCC is used to buy/sell and modify in-game NFT items allowing players to fully manage all the necessary game processes.
To receive an FCC token, it’s necessary to convert the $FCG utility token using the provided in-game converter. The conversion rate is set by the game developers, is dynamic and depends on the value of the $FCG utility token traded on the DEX exchanges.
The FCC token uses the Ethereum and cross-chain architecture, allowing transactions for the purchase / sale / modification to be processed with maximum speed and minimum commission.
The FCC token is not used for trading on DEX/CEX exchanges, does not participate in exchanges between players, and is used to manage in-game items.
The emission volume of the FCC token is not limited.