Formacar Action


Monetization and ways of earning
9. Monetization and Ways of Earning
The economic model of the gameplay is implemented on the basis of the FormacarGame ($FCG) utility token which allows players to interact with the economic system of the game, receiving and earning tokens for in-game activities such as completing races, opening prize boxes, selling loot at auctions, etc.
The game will reward players both for their participation and victories, as well as for social activities aimed at promoting the game among other users and developing the project community through contests and events.
Furthermore, the game will allow players to participate in the gameplay on a Free-to-Play basis without the use of the in-game token. However, such players will not participate in the distribution of rewards provided in the project, e.g., rewards for the successful completion of races.
Meanwhile, active players of the Free-to-Play Mode will still be able to hone their gaming/driving skills, to level up and to gain personal stats so that they can later provide services to other project participants who invest in the development of the game economy.
9.1. The Play-To-Earn in-game activity is represented by the following game modes:
Circuit is a timed race held on a variety of looped racetracks consisting of a predetermined number of laps. The race is attended by up to 6 cars that start simultaneously. The estimated track completion time is around 3-4 minutes. The opponents are chosen at random based on their respective Garage levels to make the player’s strengths evenly matched.
Sprint is a race from Point A to Point B along various routes. The runs can be single, double (with a reverse run) or in a straight line. The race is attended by up to 6 cars that start simultaneously. The estimated track completion time is around 3-4 minutes. The level of the car determines whether players can attend higher-level races with different prize funds. A fixed amount of $FCG tokens is appointed to each game based on the determined game prize pool. The prize distribution between pools is dynamic under normal game conditions and static in bet races between players.
Drift is a race where the participants get rewarded based on the points they scored during the race. The base bonus (reward) is determined dynamically. Depending on the quality of the sections completed, players get rewarded with a performance ratio that factors into the final result of the run.
Freeride is a training mode that enables players to improve their driving skills and serves as a social platform for players to interact with each other. There are no bonuses.
9.2. The Drive-To-Earn in-game activity is represented by the following missions: - To spend N fuel units; - To give a lift to N passengers; - To scan a QR code; - To drive N kilometers.
Mission rewards include: - Tokens; - Fuel (gasoline); - Car upgrade parts; - Experience; - Loot box(es).
$FCG income streams: - Sale of NFT parts (spare parts / tuning elements); - Sale of land lots, buildings and structures, such as gas stations, service stations etc. (Autoverse); - Autoverse transaction fee (2%); - Autoverse fuel sales; - Autoverse car service.
1% of the $FCG revenue will be burnt, 24% goes to player rewards, and 75% goes to marketing, development and other project needs.
BNB income streams: - Car NFT sales; - Sale of land lots, buildings andstructures, such as gas stations, service stations etc. (Autoverse).
This income will be split between marketing/development and liquidity pools ($FCG/BNB).